What Can I Knit With Rauma Garn?

What Can I Knit With Rauma Garn?

Well, the possibilities really are endless!

Rauma Garn is a Norwegian brand, and their core range includes Norwegian Wool and Lambswool as well as merino, alpaca and summer yarns (which I don't currently stock).

Norwegian and lambswool are fibres that are sturdy, light and tend to get softer with wear.

In terms of softness, baby garn (100% merino is their softest), followed by Fivel, their dk weight Norwegian Wool yarn. Both Finull and Lamull are very fine fingering weight options that create light and airy garments. Finally Alpaca Silk is a great alternative to silk mohair, especially for those who find mohair a little (or a lot) itchy.

One of the first places to look for patterns to use Rauma Garn would be their website, they have over 3,500 patterns avalable, including over 150 free patterns. So even if you're not planning a Rauma Garn project it's a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas.

Check out their free patterns!

The next step is to get familiar with their gauges and running lengths to see if they are suitable to sub into a pattern you already have (or are eye-ing up).



Gauge (stitches per 10cm) 

Needle Size Meterage Yarns with this gauge
Fivel 18 4mm 100m Same gauge as Heavy Merino (but shorter running length), or Double Sunday held with Tynn Silk Mohair (similar, but shorter running length)
Fivel 16 5mm 100m Same gauge as Borstet Alpakka or Kos but note shorter running length
Finull 26 2.5mm 175m
Finull 24 3.5mm 175m Same gauge as Le Petite Lambswool but shorter running length
Lamull 28 2.5mm 235m Same length and gauge as Sandnes Garn Sunday
Baby Garn 30 2.5mm 175m
Baby Garn 27 3mm 175m Same gauge as Sandnes Garn Tynn Peer Gynt, but note shorter running length
Finull held with Alpaca Silk 18 5mm Same gauge as Heavy Merino or Double Sunday held with Tynn Silk Mohair
Lamull held with Alpaca Silk 22 4mm Same gauge as Peer Gynt, Merinoull and Alpakka


Pattern ideas


Flax - by TinCan Knits

Champagne Cardigan by PetiteKnit

Single Malt by Maxim CR

Badger and Bloom by Anne Ventzel


Daily Pullover by Purl Soho

Suri Shirt by Caidree


Cumulus Tee by PetiteKnit

Spot Sweater by Anne Ventzel (held with silk mohair or alpaca silk)

Baby Garn

Birch Sweater by Andrea Mowry

Freddie Pullover by EmKnits

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